4 Must-Visit Rivers of Jamaica
Experience the ultimate water adventure to refresh your senses!

All India, 11th December 2014: The island of Jamaica is bejeweled with fascinating hidden gems and natural wonders suited for anyone looking for an off the beaten path holiday, an adrenaline rush or simply a tranquil day amongst stunning scenery. Numerous navigable rivers of the island offer a number of opportunities for activities and adventures. Listed below are few of the exciting activities to indulge in the enchanting Jamaican Rivers.

River Boarding on the Rio Bueno River
For extreme thrill seekers, river boarding on the Rio Bueno River is a must-do activity. The river tour begins with a group of experienced guides who will give you a brief training exercise after which you cross the swaying “Irie Bridge” and take a short hike through the rain forest until you reach the starting point of the course. There you will take hold of your river board and leap into the refreshing water, instantly cooled and ready to begin your incredible journey downstream. One can board through 7 exciting rapids to the midway stop where you can swim, swing on a rope or take a 15 to 20 ft. cliff plunge into the river. After your stop, climb back onto your board and continue gliding through lush tropical greenery while viewing the amazing scenery as you float down river. The currents take you to the mouth of the river and into the Caribbean Sea, where you paddle your river board towards shore and onto a private beach to enjoy a refreshing drink and take a dip in the warm waters.

Rafting on the Martha Brae River
Martha Brae is Jamaica’s premier rafting attraction. A skilled raft captain on a 30 ft. bamboo raft takes visitors on a romantic adventure into the scenic and tranquil beauty of the island. This unique experience encompassing over three miles of beautiful and picturesque river should not be missed by any couple looking for the ultimate romantic experience in Jamaica. The river is located in Falmouth and Trelawny and offers two main attractions – the thrill of bamboo rafting and the stunning Luminous Lagoon of Glistening Waters. The river is home to a rare phosphorescent microbe that lives in the shallow warm place where salt and freshwater meet. The constant flow of the river moves the microbes and causes them to glow. At Tarzan’s Corner, you may zip through the air on a rope to swing or plunge into the refreshing water. Often described as the best part of the trip however, is when the raft stops so riders can enjoy swimming in the shallow areas of the lagoon. At its deepest, the river is about eight feet, but is closer to five feet deep in most locations. Swimmers can relax and bathe in the warm, tropical environment and see the water glow around them.

Kayaking and River Tubing down the White River
Kayaking and River Tubing down the tranquil White River in Ocho Rios is another popular activity. Experienced tubing guides will take you on a breathtaking three mile journey down the river. This river is not only known for its beauty but also as the dividing line between two of the most beautiful parishes in Jamaica, St. Mary & St. Ann. As you float along in tubes, you will feel the changing pace and moods of the white river while passing through coconut plantations and bamboo groves along the river banks. Enjoy many challenging rapids and enchanting lagoons whilst tubing down the White river. At the end of the ride disembark unto the boardwalk at the Village of Flowers where tubers may relax. Kayaking is yet another adventurous option for the visitors. Your river ride by kayak takes you along the White River starting at The Old Spanish Bridge, from where you paddle your way through cascading rapids and crystal clear pools under a canopy of lush tropical vegetation. Halfway through your journey comes the Arawak Gazebo nestled in the trees on the bank of the river. Here visitors may be seen wandering the grounds or swimming in one of the river’s largest pools as you float by. Then it’s down the river again through the breathtaking Flipping Rapids, the Spinning Rapids, the enchanting Blue Lagoon and the deep Ackee Hole Lagoon.

Rafting on the Rio Grande River
Rafting at Rio Grande River provides some of the most beautiful views and for about two to three hours you will be swallowed up by Jamaica’s natural beauty. Relax on a bamboo raft made for two, with pleasant surprises around each picturesque bend. The river rafting practice began in the early 20th century and since then many tourists and eco-travelers have followed suit to enjoy one of the most magical experiences of Jamaica. The trip from the town of Berrydale in the hills to Rafter’s Rest on the coast at times takes two and a half hours, a slow idyllic meander through rain forests and farmland on a thirty-foot raft steered expertly by a local ‘captain’. Wide and shallow with rocky banks, the Rio Grande is an ideal location to spy the local wading birds. Along the way, stop for a cool dip, enjoy a cold beverage or stop to chat with singing washerwomen and giggling children. There is often an enterprising fellow with a ‘Red Stripe’ raft selling Red Stripe beer, soft drinks and even wine. The ride gives a pleasant experience along the way, so do indulge your senses in an afternoon of luxury, and soak up the natural tropical beauty.

Experience the various river activities and adventures unlike anywhere else. Let the rivers take you on a magical ride far away from the chaos and congestion of the world. With such a variety of river activities on offer, choose a romantic sojourn or simply a thrilling adventure when you visit Jamaica.

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