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– A Culinary Journey to Jamaica –


All India, 25th November 2013: Jamaica gave the world Jerk cuisine and since then it has become a culinary phenomenon which has found its way on menus in restaurants worldwide. Visitors from around the globe have been drawn to Jamaica to sample this delicious style and flavor of cooking.


Rich and spicy as the pepper pot soup that originated with the Taino Indians, Jamaican cooking draws its genius from a brilliant interpretation of East Indian, Chinese, African, Spanish and British influences—all working harmoniously in a style that is uniquely Jamaican. This Jamaican way of cooking has invaded restaurants and cafes worldwide. Just about any meat can be ‘Jerked’, but the real secret to the flavorful taste is the marinade, a truly Jamaican blend of spices and seasonings.


Jerk is available island wide and year round with so many great spots to find it visitors might have difficulty simply making up their minds. To help narrow down your options a bit, here’s a list of 5 Places to Eat Jerk in Jamaica:


Boston Bay

Well renowned as “The Jerk Capital of Jamaica” Boston Bay in Portland Jamaica is not only a tantalizing treat for the taste buds it also appeals to sun worshipers and vacationers seeking to venture into the realm of water sports. As the birthplace of Jerk food, Boston Bay is arguably the best place to sample all things Jerk in Jamaica and once a year hosts the Portland Jerk Festival, featuring live music, sideshows and hundreds of jerk food stalls. Roasted over Pimento leaves in large pits, jerk chicken or pork is cooked by each vendor with their own special “jerk sauce” recipe. Year round, the beach at Boston Bay and the surrounding roads are lined with jerk stalls.


Scotchie’s Jerk Centre

One of the best places to sample Jerk in Jamaica is Scotchie’s Jerk Centre. With locations near Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and in Kingston almost anyone can get in on the goodness. It is a pleasant hideaway for people looking for a temporary escape from the rigidity of the corporate world. The menu features an excellent selection of succulent jerk pork, chicken and sausages. There are also delicious fish dishes available for those who are not of the pork persuasion.


JoJo’s Jerk Pit and more

Located at 12 Waterloo Road in Kingston Jo Jo’s Jerk Pit and more started out as a simple Farm Market and soon blossomed into what is now one of Kingston’s most popular nighttime eateries. Offering bucket seating under trees and subtle background music amid easy conversation, JoJo’s stays ahead of the game with more than just its food, hosting live music every Saturday night. Dishing up menu items like Mackerel run down and Steamed Callaloo for breakfast, Greek salads, Stew Peas and Oxtail for lunch, and Lamb Burgers and Lobster for dinner in addition to its delectable Jerk dishes has allowed JoJo’s to maintain exquisite versatility.


The Pork Pit

Located right in the heart of Montego Bay, near Walter Fletcher Beach, this joint is one of the best places on the island’s north coast to find excellent mouth watering, melt-in-your-mouth Jerk pork and Jerk chicken. Smothered with Jamaican spices and grilled in the open-air for everyone to smell many beachgoers desert their towels at noontime and head over here for a big, reasonably priced lunch. Picnic tables encircle the building, and everything is open-air and informal.


Ossies Jerk Centre

A small wood shack with outside tables under a roofed patio located on the Morass side of Norman Manley Boulevard in Jamaica’s “Capital of Casual” Negril, Ossie’s Jerk Centre has a solid reputation not only for it’s tasty jerk dishes but also for it’s outstanding “must have” sauces. The atmosphere is as delightful as the affordable food, this spot is definitely worth a stop for anyone vacationing in Negril and looking for a place to taste the real Jamaica


There are a number of events throughout the year which celebrate Jamaica’s culinary heritage. These include the Portland Jerk Festival, Accompong Maroon Festival, Epicurean Escape, Nyammings & Jammings and Restaurant Week. Visitors can experience a range of island delicacies from hot to haute while traveling around Jamaica. Go ahead – taste the flavours of Jamaica.


Just choose your dream. Jamaica will make it come true.


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Eatery - Ackee-and-Saltfish Chef at Ossies Jerk Centre
Eatery – Ackee-and-Saltfish Chef at Ossies Jerk Centre
Jojo's Jerk Pit And More Jerkchicken - Portland
Jojo’s Jerk Pit And More Jerkchicken – Portland
Jerk Chicken Jamaican Curried Goat
Jerk Chicken Jamaican Curried Goat