A Culinary Journey to Jamaica

All India, 10th September 2014: Jamaican gastronomic legacy continues to attract food connoisseurs from across the world to taste and savor the distinctive cuisine of the Caribbean island. Though the sunshine, sea and sand are enough to win over, Jamaican cuisine is the cherry on top of it all. Jamaica is home to some of the Caribbean’s most appetizing and fulfilling flavors. Savoury, sweet, spicy are some of the flavours that make Jamaican meals special. Fine dining is always a great way to experience the local cuisine but for foodies at heart, roadside stalls offer some delicious dishes. This island with its bright walls and friendly owners is a welcoming place that has been serving its traditional food to gourmet lovers. The island boasts a wide array of food selections guaranteed to satisfy even the most particular in taste.

Jamaican cooking draws its genius from a brilliant interpretation of East Indian, Chinese, African, Spanish and British influences—all working harmoniously in a style that is uniquely Jamaican. This Jamaican way of cooking has invaded restaurants and cafes worldwide. Visitors from around the globe have been drawn to Jamaica to sample this delicious style and flavor of cooking.

Jamaica gave the world Jerk cuisine and since then it has become a culinary phenomenon which has found its way onto menus in restaurants worldwide.  Just about any meat can be ‘Jerked’, but the real secret to the flavorful taste is the marinade, a truly Jamaican blend of spices and seasonings.

From fusion food to haute cuisine, regional favorites and some very special unique dishes Jamaica gives you a taste in true island style. Visitors to the country can taste, savor and enjoy fresh seafood with piles of crisp, spiced shrimps, succulent crabs, huge scallops and tender white fillets, it’s impossible to leave the island displeased.

Jamaica’s assorted gastronomic specialities include Ackee (a bright yellow fruit, served with saltfish as Jamaica’s National Dish), Curried goat (a special occasion food often served with rice), Duckunoo (a steamed pudding made from cornmeal and coconut, wrapped in banana leaves), Meat patties (a spicy pie sold in snack shops or by roadside vendors), etc. Popular option in road side cuisines mostly consists of jerk chicken or pan chicken, along with roasted nuts, coconut water and coconut jelly, crab among other tasty options.

In addition to tasting better, there are some exotic dishes like Cow Foot Stew or Goat Head Soup which are available in the Jamaican kitchen. Food joints and cafes like Jojo’s Jerk Pit and more, Rick’s Café, Norma’s, etc are a must visit for food connoisseurs. It is also said that Jamaican rum a reason enough to visit the island. No visit to Jamaica would be complete without sampling the local rum, which comes in a variety of strengths and brands. The famed Blue Mountain coffee is also famous over the island.

There are a number of events throughout the year which celebrate Jamaica’s culinary heritage. These include the Portland Jerk Festival, Accompong Maroon Festival, Epicurean Escape, Nyammings & Jammings and Restaurant Week. Visitors can experience a range of island delicacies from hot to haute while traveling around Jamaica. Go ahead – taste the flavours of Jamaica.

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