All India, 10th September 2013: Imagine exploring different gifts of nature on a Horse back. It is possible in Jamaica. One can discover elegant sceneries of Jamaica just by sitting on the back of the horse relaxing. No walking or travelling through the boring cars while on a vacation to Jamaica.

Jamaica is well known for its love and passion for sports and different equestrian activities in Jamaica are included in the tourism plan of the Island Country. Jamaica is not only familiar for its honeymoon destination and wedding tourism, but is also popular as a family vacation destination for its adventurous equestrian activities.

One can take a horse ride to discover the mountain track or to travel through the beautiful rain-forest. Exploring the sandy shores and the plantation of Jamaica on a horse back is bliss. One also experiences a beach ride or a river walk on a horse.

The equestrian activities by Caymanas Park situated in Kingston, the capital city of Jamaica promises one to be the most fun-filled experience. The sole promoter of horseracing and racing pools in Jamaica, Caymanas Track Limited takes pride in presenting over 80 days of racing each year. Whether a die hard fan or just looking for an exciting day, the adventurous nature of the park will help you enjoy your day in Kingston.

If you are looking for a not so adventurous vacation and in search of serenity in the country, Double ‘A’ Ranch is the right place for you. The calm horses of Double ‘A’ Ranch will help you find peace and take to through villages and mountains of Jamaica.

Imagine a horse ride in the blue waters, sounds exciting. Braco Stables offers you a ride with trained guides where you can ride through the beautiful white sand beaches and bareback to the sea. The two hour ride ends with refreshments offered by Braco.

Experience a swim with the horse in Caribbean Sea by one of the most popular horse back adventures of Jamaica, Chukka Caribbean Adventures. Tours offer a three-hour horseback ride that passes through several old sugar plantations and ends up on a private beach. It lets you enjoy both a ride through the vibrant scenes and ends with a swim. This combine ride ends at a private beach where one can experience the warmth of the waters. Chukka Caribbean ensures you enjoy the best horse riding experience.

You can spend your day in Annandale with a calm and slow ride with Trails Plantation Ride. This country side ride offers you to your view 200 years old Great house visited by the late Queen Mother. Whether an experienced horse rider or a first timer, the ride will be an incredible experience.

One cannot resist visiting Rocky Point Stables for some serious equestrian activities in Jamaica’s popular Half Moon Hotel. The excursion on the horse starts with rising mountains to the beach ride and end straight in the Turquoise Sea with the horse splashing water on you. Rocky Point Stables also provide a pony ride for kids. A guided tour on well trained horses by Hooves Ltd is worth taking a try. While a historic ride by the Heritage Beach Trail offers you the Jamaica’s history in detail. The Bush Doctor Mountain Trail presents a ride 1800 ft above sea level which gives a spectacular view.

With fun filled equestrian activities to unforgettable experience to elegant and  vibrant views, Jamaica, the land of Wood and Water has a lot to offer to its
tourist. A visit to Jamaica will be one of the best experiences of life.


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