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Flock Time in Israel – Bi-Annual Bird Migration

– Eilat Bird Festival 20 to 27 March, 2016 –

All India, 9th February 2016: Israel has become a “birding superpower” and an entire recreation culture has been born of the love of the birds among both locals and tourists. The country witnesses a large number of travellers from all over the world who visit Israel during the bird migration to get a glance of the beautiful species of birds. At least 500 million birds pass through Israel’s skies twice a year during the migration season. Not only professional birders but nature and bird lovers also visit Israel to experience this distinguished event. One of the main reasons to plan a trip to the land of Israel in March is the 10th Eilat Birds Festival taking place between 20 to 27 March, 2016. The festival is hosted by the Israel Ornithological Center from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel.  The festival is a weeklong event taking place during the peak of spring bird migration period. A binocular and a camera is all that is needed for the visitor to experience this wonderful flock. The Eilat Birds Festival, the most significant international events in the WP birding scene, is designed to bring together birders from all over the world for an unforgettable week of birds, migration and nature. The festival includes day and night birding tours to all the best sites in southern Israel, many bird related activities, presentations, talks and more.

The country of Israel which is known as a geographical bridge between three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa, makes it a “bottleneck” into which hundreds of migrant species converge during spring and autumn migration. In the fall, they make their way south to Africa and in the spring they return to Europe to mate and reproduce. Israel is located on a central migratory path, attracting both professional and amateur birders, photographers and experts from all over the world to see the natural wonder.

The Eilat Birds Festival attracts birding professionals of the highest level to amateur birders, both from abroad and from Israel.  In the festival of 2015, some significant birds showed up during the week and rarities such as Caspian Plover, Cyprus and Pied Wheatears, Black Bush Robin.  Local specialties such as Thick-billed and Hoopoe Larks, 8 species of Wheatears and the shy Red-sea Warbler were also put on a show.

The city of Eilat has become the ultimate resort city with hotels and beaches packed with thousands of vacationers and tourists from around the world. The combination a tropical sea and a breathtaking background of wild, bare granite mountains have turned it into a tourist gem all the year round.

About Israel:
Israel is a vibrant and modern country with vast diversity and rich culture. Jerusalem – the well known city; is among the most sacred places in the world. Along the eastern Mediterranean coastline is the vibrant, modern, fashionable and cosmopolitan Tel Aviv. One must explore Israel’s diversity and visit archaeological sites of Eilat, beautiful beaches of Haifa, UNESCO World Heritage Site of Acre and fascinating history of Nazareth. Be it family and leisure getaways, party and nightlife experiences, adventure and rejuvenation, Israel has a variety of holiday options to explore.

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