Indulge in the Enchanting Great Huts
– Jamaica’s unique dwell –

All India, 11th February 2014: One of the most idyllic settlements situated on the north-east point of Jamaica, Great Huts is an ideal spot for the nature lovers. As the name suggests, Great Huts are built in the form of huts and offers a fascinating experience to its trippers. One of the unique accomodation of Port Antonio, Great Huts boasts eco-tourism and is a perfect hideaway for lovers and adventure seekers.

Great Huts includes tree houses and huts constructed of bamboo and finely crafted furnishing. Overlooking the oceans, surrounded by trees, hearing the sound of the gusing waves hitting the coast, Great Huts offers each of its visitors an environment full of solace and tranquillity. This spaced out property gives its guests the freedom to spend days like they want either by relaxing, reading, contemplating or hiking and exploring the rich and alluring Jamaican ecology.

Great Huts built in African style is occupied with natural and cultural setting. Romantic in nature, these huts are filled with both authenticity and adventure. The comfortable space offers amazing views to lure its guests.

One can also visit other attractions in the region during the stay in Great Huts. Port Antonio’s Rio Grande Valley is famous for its hiking activities. The famous Blue Mountains is a perfect place for all peace and adventure lovers. One can also choose to visit the beautiful Boston Bay Beach and Winnifred Beach located close by. The beaches offer activities like scuba diving, horseback ride, etc.  Other local attractions also include Blue Lagoon, Portland Parish Church, Fort George, Reach Falls and Somerset Falls. Also a haven for bird watchers, the area offers to view different species of humming birds.

Great Huts, though built in form of huts has all the amenities to make ones stay comfortable. With clean sanitation facilities, local newspapers available, television sets to entertain, free WiFi, laundry, etc are available at hand in Great Huts. The huts are affordable with complimentary breakfast and also have restaurants at service.  A perfect romantic gateaway and a lovely place to explore the nature of Jamaica, Great Huts is a must visit.

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