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Israel turns its focus to Indian Cuisine to woo Indian Tourist 

It is a known fact that Indian tourists do enjoy Indian food while they travel to any overseas country. Having analyzed the importance of Indian food for the Indian traveler, the IMOT (Israel Ministry of Tourism) has invited India’s prestigious flight kitchen company, Taj Sats to conduct workshops at culinary institutions in Israel to familiarize chefs of the leading hotel chains with Indian food.

Over the years Israel has been receiving more and more Indian tourists and the demand for Indian cuisine has always been growing. The tourism industry in Israel is ensuring that they cater to every need of the Indian traveler.

Indian restaurants already operate in various cities in Israel. However serving Indian food in hotels has several constraints on account of kosher requirements. Kosher are Jewish dietary laws where there is total separation of meat and dairy and certain foods are forbidden. Keeping in view of these restrictions, Israel will introduce Kosher Indian meals to our tourists which will suit both vegetarian and non-vegetarian palettes.

“We feel that our leading chefs will be able to assist Israeli chefs to make a difference in making the Indian tourist feel at home in Israel.” says Sagar Dighe, CEO, Taj Sats

“This is a positive step to further boost tourism and facilitate the needs of the Indian traveler in Israel.” says Hassan Madah, Director, India.

About Israel:
Israel has layers of rich art, culture and history with a great diversity. Jerusalem is the capital city of Israel and one of the most sacred places in the world. The ancient Old City is encircled by imposing stone walls that date back to the Ottoman period and contains within it such holy sites as the Western Wall – the most visited site. Israel is a modern and vibrant destination, with a range of activities for all age groups. Israel’s landscape and climate are varied, with a wealth of plants and wildlife, as well as many natural attractions. It is also home to the ancient port of Jaffa, which dates back 4,000 years and is mentioned in the Old Testament. Israel is well known for the Dead Sea which is the lowest point on earth at 1,360 feet below sea level. Israel is also an urban paradise with the sophisticated Tel Aviv as its cosmopolitan hub.

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L-R: Indian Chef Suresh Mathpal and Israeli Chef Amir Eilan (Dan Gourmet Institution)
The Indian Chef Suresh Mathpal in action
From L-R: Dorit Levshin, Chef Project Coordinator and Lydia Wiseman, Head of Foreign Press Relations at Israel Ministry of Tourism )
The ongoing interactions at the workshop
Indian Chef Suresh Mathpal with a local Chef from Israel
From L-R: Indian Chef with Dorit Levshin, Chef Project Coordinator
Mina Ganem, Head of the Professional Training Department tasting the delicacies
From L-R: Israeli Chef Amir Eilan and Indian Chef Suresh Mathpal