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– The Hidden side of Jamaica –


All India, 11th October 2013: Pristine and untouched, Jamaica’s South Coast is the most unspoilt part of this Caribbean island where the true heart of the nation beats. It is a one hour drive from the International Airport at Montego Bay through the beautiful tropical countryside with breathtaking views. Fishing villages, miles of beaches, centuries old great houses, natural waterfalls and wetlands create an atmosphere for adventure, quiet wonder and relaxation. The towns of Mandeville, Whitehouse, Treasure Beach and Black River are picturesque and inviting. The South Coast with its beauty unblemished and natural wonders of flora and fauna virtually untouched extends a warm invitation to the discerning holiday visitor.


Along the South Coast there are several charming small hotels, guesthouses, villas and resort properties.Treasure Beach features a good choice of small unique hotels and guest houses at scenic oceanside and beach locations. Whitehouse features the all-inclusive Sandals Whitehouse European Village. Mandeville, high up in the cool mountains features a golf resort hotel among other accommodations. Most hotels offer restaurant and bar facilities.


Sightseeing can build an appetite, and local fare is delicious along the South Coast region, with a special focus on seafood. Border is known for its escoveitched fish, and Middle Quarters for spicy peppered shrimp and the lobster at Jake’s on Treasure Beach is irresistible. Centre of the region is the breezy hill town of Mandeville, founded in 1816 and lying 2,000 feet (610m) above sea level. The genteel British colonial influence is strong here, from the village green bordered by a church and courthouse to the Manchester Club, which boasts Jamaica’s oldest golf course founded in 1868. The surrounding area, and the south coast region, has numerous natural attractions and wildlife refuges. With its natural beauty and slow pace, Jamaica’s south is sought after by more discerning visitors’ intent on secluded relaxation rather than glitz and glamour.


One can take a boat ride up the meandering Black river, past sultry crocodiles and through mysterious mangroves. Tiers of cascading water in YS Falls, a rainforest of possibilities allure one to rope swing over the calming cool water and plunge into bliss. Nestling in the sugar cane fields of St Elizabeth parish, the Appleton Rum Estate near the village of Magotty offers the chance to find out all there is to know about the production of rum.


Off-the-beaten track, untarnished and unspoilt, the South Coast is truly Jamaica’s best-kept secret.


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