Maldives wins 24 prestigious titles at South Asian Travel Awards 2017

Maldives won Leading Honeymoon Destination, Leading Beach Destination, and Leading Diving Destination at the GALA Retreat of SATA Awards which took place on 28th October, 2017 at Equator Village of Addu city.

The SATA Awards is the first ever regional Travel Awards endorsed by Multi National Associations providing the Tourism sector of the South Asian Region with recognition towards their facilities and service excellence. The South Asian Travel Awards aims to encourage and raise service standards within the regions of the Tourism industry.

Participants who joined the Gala Retreat included top Hoteliers, Travel Agents, Tour Operators and Service Providers from the Tourism Industry of India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal and Bhutan.

With over 450 nominations from Bhutan, Maldives, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal for this year’s edition the nominees competed in 40 major categories. Maldives Tourism Industry won 24 prestigious awards.

Winning these awards will indeed enhance the image of the destination as a high profile luxury destination. Furthermore, winning of the awards indicates the visitors’ love and confidence towards the Maldives.

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