Monaco Grand Prix, An Exceptional Location of Glamour and Prestige
– From 21st to 24th May 2015 – 

All India, 9th March 2015: The Monaco Grand Prix is widely considered to be one of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world. It is one of the world’s most expensive and glamorous events.

On 9th May 2015, Monaco, will host the first Formula E Grand Prix. The Formula E is a new FIA single-seater championship and the world’s first fully electric car racing series. It focuses around three core values of energy, environment and entertainment.

It is one race on the Formula One calendar that epitomizes the excessive splendor of the sport. Over time the jet set lifestyle of Formula One has become synonymous with the ostentatious sea side principality.

Monaco always leaves its visitors enthusiastic to visit the country again. One can never get enough of the Principality in terms of glamour, elegance, fun, prestige and of course hospitality. From the Monaco GP to the exquisite beach there is no limit of the fun you can wring out of this principality.

Simply put Monaco can be termed the epitome of elegant living and once you visit you will want to go back. Whatever tickles your fancy be it the thrill of F1 speeds, incredible night life, marina or amazing casinos it will be available for you.

The Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious automotive races in the world, raced on the Circuit de Monaco around the glamorous streets of the Principality, thousands of spectators from all over the world flock to the wealthy location to see the race every year, and as the popularity of the Grand Prix grows, so do the crowds.

It was 1929 when the first Monaco GP was witnessed which pre-dates the current World Championships. The first race was set up by Anthony Noghes who had an ulterior motive in doing so. The race was originally formed in order for the ACM (Automobile Club de Monaco) to be granted a global status, but it soon became a popular event and had outgrown its original purpose. The invitation only race was won by French driver William Grover-Williams in a Bugatti Type 35B.

Monaco’s track layout and tight cornering has led to some surprising results over the year which has made it so entertaining.

It’s safe to say that the Monaco Grand Prix splits opinion questioning whether it’s race for the purists or not, but there is no doubting the drama it produces on and off the track.

From the yachts on the harbour to the deafening noise of the cars going through the famous tunnel, the Formula 1 calendar would not be the same without Monaco on it.

About Monaco:
Monaco is one of the world’s most desirable destinations with over 300 days of sunshine a year and mild temperatures, it celebrates with enthusiasm the arts, culture, sumptuous cuisine, spas, beautiful surroundings, spectacular landscapes and high-adrenaline activities like the Formula One Grand Prix, casino gaming, land and water sports and exciting nightlife.

Tourists will be more than happy enjoying luxurious accommodation, family restaurants and exceptional landscape in Monte Carlo. This charming destination adds that magnificence experience to your holiday which everyone dreams for. The place is gorgeously clean, the hotels are a marvel, the people are beautiful and the food is delicious. There are wonderful restaurants, shops, attractions, coast, nightlife, sports facilities and culture all within walking distance. You can have a fulfilling romantic experience with the world class spas, set in gorgeous surroundings and offering a variety of therapies and treatments from around the world.

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