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All India, 26th Dec 2013: Jamaica, the land of wood and water and the third largest island in the Caribbean, offers varied experiences to satisfy the adventurers and nature lover’s quest. An ideal destination for an action packed family getaway Jamaica offers an exhilarating experience and enough ingredients to incite your perfect Caribbean vacation. The destination offers aspirational and unconventional holiday experiences catering to the palate of a matured high end Indian traveller.

Jamaica which is known worldwide for its near-perfect sailing conditions, the water is always warm and there are plenty of beautiful islands to visit. Sailing, Yachting and Rafting in the clear blue waters of the Caribbean is an invigorating experience. While some travelers have their own craft to sail to Jamaica, many other travelers choose to charter a yacht from within or near the Caribbean. Such charters are usually done for a week to 10 days. Should you rent a yacht, you’ll need to choose between three charter options: bareboat, skippered bareboat, and crewed charter.

Experienced sailors may wish to charter bareboat, where boat and equipment are included, but you and your companions are skipper and crew. Bareboat charters will require proof of your qualifications, and some include a tutorial of the Caribbean, including important items like the locations of reefs and safe harbors. Travelers less ready to sail on their own, or more interested in relaxation, may want to charter a crewed boat. Crewed charters include everyone from skipper to cook, often a husband and wife team, and provide everything you need for your journey. However, one important fact remains: The captain calls the shots. Travelers will also have one last option. Many charter companies offer the option of paying an additional fee for the company to provide you with food for your journey. Royal Jamaica yacht club, Montego Bay yacht club and Negril yacht club are the most famous in Jamaica.

Approximately half of the Caribbean’s two million annual cruise travelers visit the island of Jamaica to enjoy the beautiful beaches and warm weather. Many of Jamaica’s visitors fall in love and return to the island for a longer stay.

Cool Runnings”/Dunn’s River Falls Cruise is an unforgettable experience of fun and sun aboard a Catamaran. Set sail from a beach and cruise to the crystal cove for a swim or go snorkeling in the warm colorful waters. Then back to the Catamaran once again. One can enjoy the refreshments as you sail pass the emerald hills and numerous waterfalls before docking at the famous Dunn’s River Falls. Follow your guide up the spectacular 900’ cascading waterfalls and through the lush tropical rain forest. The sail on the way back is party time. Let lose to the latest Reggae and Soca dance tunes, and enjoy Red Stripe Beer and Rum drinks on the house.

Visit to Jamaica is incomplete without Rafting on the Martha Brae, Jamaica’s premier rafting attraction. A skilled raft captain on a 30-foot bamboo raft takes visitors on a romantic adventure into the scenic and tranquil beauty of the island. Before embarking on the tour, guests can also take a stroll through “Miss Martha’s Herb Garden”, a presentation of Jamaica’s herbs famous for their medicinal and healing properties. Established forty years ago, rafting on the Martha Brae boasts a complement of eighty five licensed and experienced raft captains. The raft ride is operated over a three mile stretch of the beautiful Martha Brae River and lasts approximately one hour. Once on the raft, guests can learn about “The Legend of Martha Brae” or enjoy an exhilarating swim. The attraction has over the years played host to a number of celebrities including HRH Queen Elizabeth II, heavy weight champion Lennox Lewis, Chuck Norris, Dionne  Warwick, Spike Lee, former NBA star Patrick Ewing, Jane Seymour of “Doctor Quinn- Medicine Woman” fame, Kenny Rodgers, the late Johnny cash and world 100 meter champion Usain Bolt.

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