Unfold Green Holidaying in Monaco

Go sustainable while your stay in the Principality of Monaco! An environment-friendly approach towards responsible luxury, where each experience, from hospitality to cuisine to major attractions as well as mobility, everything showcases a pro-active commitment towards minimising your carbon footprint.

All India, 28th March, 2019: With the ongoing global campaign, ‘Green is the New Glam’ the Principality of Monaco, gracefully combines luxury and sustainability while being a glamourous seaside holiday destination in the French Riviera. Less transport, more taste, get ready to discover and savour the fresh feels of the ethereal paradise…all eco-style!

#1 Eat Green

The Gastronomy of Monaco amalgamates the local produce and seasonality. From urban gardens to organic restaurants, through the reasoned choice of products and the fight against food waste, the environmental approach is deeply rooted in the principles of each culinary creation here.

If healthy style of living satisfies your taste buds, then enjoy fresh farm-to-table seasonal delights by Chef Paolo Sari at Elsa, The Bio Star at Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, the very first 100% organic Michelin-starred restaurant. According to Chef Paolo Sari, everything must be naturally authentic…from pepper to champagne! Other options? Taste the sumptuous magic of a cuisine that features a fusion of Caribbean and Mediterranean flavours by Marcel Ravin at The Blue Bay, Monte Carlo Bay Hotel, which grows much of its produce in its onsite kitchen garden run by urban agriculturalists Terre de Monaco. While we are on the subject, Terre de Monaco is a strong sustainable gesture that has real benefits! An initiative which aims to establish urban agriculture, and ecological vegetable gardens on the rooftops of buildings in and around Monaco. What a way to go green!

Another ecological approach is carried out by the L’Orangerie, which produces a delicious orange liqueur from the hand-picked orange rinds of local restaurants and hotels, to the organic. The first premium orange liqueur made in Monaco which offers an authentic taste inside every bottle. The jewel like Principality of Monaco on the Mediterranean coastline is known for its uniqueness. Head to Stars’N’Bars for healthy eating & witness the unique “Meatless Mondays” which replaces the dish of the day by a new vegan dish. That’s some real taste! Or choose to become a waste warrior, rescue your favourite food with a new concept, Too Good To Go, the scheme means to fight against the food waste and all the resources that went into making it, from water to land and labour.

Did you know? All the seafood has been sourced responsibly, as the hotel industry and restaurants of Monaco have signed the Mr. Goodfish charter!

#2 Stay Green

Treat yourself with a dazzling getaway in one of the luxurious hotels of the Principality. The luxury hotels are on board with sustainability initiatives too.

Have you ever heard about ‘Green Attitude’? “Green Attitude” is the strength of Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, an eco-friendly hotel which takes sustainability to a whole new level. Hotel Metropole has started selective sorting, recycling water and energy, banned plastic straws and has started preserving the biodiversity. Hotels, here, have signed the National Energy Transition Pact while, participating in the government-funded ‘Smart+’ programme. The four-star luxury, Hotel Fairmont Monte-Carlo works on a daily basis to conserve resources, optimise energy management, minimise water consumption and boost recycling with its four heating pumps, which generate energy. Other key initiative is the recent installation of beehives at the four-star Novotel Monte-Carlo.

Make your Monte-Carlo experience more intense by staying in a Green Globe certified hotel, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. A resort which truly embodies a commitment to sustainability, the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, has been awarded with the EHMA Sustainability Award by Diversey 2019. The panel was impressed by the various activities undertaken by Monte-Carlo Bay, as a result of these activities, Monte-Carlo Bay was able to get Green Globe Certification. Congratulations to Mr. Frederic Darnet, GM and the team at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort!

The Bay Be Green Team’s motto? ‘Keep calm and act green!’ 

#3 Move Green

Why not try an eco-friendly way to travel and rent a bicycle or electric car? They’re the future! Travel around the Principality with ease in an electric two-man car, E-Mobee, the best way to explore the heritage and local way of life of Monte-Carlo. There is also a great way to enjoy an eco-friendly bike ride. Monaco Bike Tours invites you to take a tour of the city by electric bicycle. A brand-new activity that’s totally in tune with the spirit of the age!  

#4 Think Green

A definitely worth following fight against deforestation initiative of the Monegasque entities, the Heritage Tree Trail, is an elaborated walking tour through the Principality to discover the most beautiful heritage trees. Walking through the natural heritage provided by the trees and admiring other incredible plants is an opportunity that’s not to be missed.

Luxury is not only about hi-life and having best of the things, it is also about giving back to the nature and caring for the existing. The Principality of Monaco has taken several initiatives in sustaining our beautiful world and a visit shall further enhance the desire of travelling green!

About Monaco
Welcome to Monaco. A Riviera Gem. An international cultural center for ballet, opera, music, theatre and exhibitions. A place where great minds meet for business at the Grimaldi Forum Monaco. Experience heart-stopping sports action at Monaco’s F1 Grand Prix and Tennis Masters and at the tables of the Casino de Monte-Carlo… or retreat to our luxurious spas (Les Thermes Marin, ESPA, Les Cinq Mondes, Willow Stream). World-class hotels (including the Hotel de Paris, Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo, Fairmont Monte Carlo, Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, Le Meridien Beach Plaza, Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel, Port Palace Monaco and the Hotel Hermitage) host the world’s most discerning guests.
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