All India, 19th August 2013: There’s more to Jamaica than just scrumptious food, stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife. The island is bejeweled with fascinating hidden gems and natural wonders suited for anyone looking for an off the beaten path adrenaline rush or simply a tranquil day amongst seductive scenery. Numerous navigable rivers and exhilarating waterfalls offer a number of exciting opportunities for activities and adventures.

Famous for the popular sea swim on horseback riding tours, Braco Stables now offers hiking and biking tours as well as river tours on the Rio Bueno with rafting and kayaking options. For the most extreme thrill seekers, they now offer the new activity of river boarding. Gear up, grab a board, and follow their experienced tour guides into the splashing waters of the historical Rio Bueno river for an unforgettable journey downstream that will take you through many sections of captivating rapids and clear water pools.

Your tour begins with an introduction to your group of guides, who will be with you every step of the way to ensure your safety and full enjoyment. After a brief training exercise, you will cross the swaying “Irie Bridge” and take a short hike through the rain forest, following the path until you reach the starting point of the course. There you will take hold of your river board and leap into the refreshing water, instantly cooled and ready to begin your incredible journey downstream. With your guide in the lead, you will navigate through the exciting course using your hands and legs to steer over white-water rapids and splashing cascades.

Board through 7 exciting rapids to the midway stop where you can swim, swing on a rope or take a 15 to 20 foot cliff plunge into the river! The depth is over 12 feet making it safe and fun. After your stop, climb back onto your board and continue gliding through lush tropical greenery while taking in the amazing scenery as you float down river. The currents take you to the mouth of the river and into the Caribbean Sea, where you paddle your river board towards shore and onto a private beach. At the beach you have some time to enjoy a refreshing drink and take a dip in the warm ocean water or simply relax before your driver takes you on another adventure or back to the ship/resort.

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